A visit with Tash Wesp of Felt Fusion

Tash Wesp has been a felting artist for over 20 years. Having studied Nuno felting in Europe in the 1990's, Tash has mastered her craft, creating one-of-a-kind wearable felt art and goods. She is constantly experimenting with processes such as dyeing with leaves and other plant materials as well as traditional dyeing of wool and other materials. 

"Nuno", a fabric felting technique, derives it's name from the Japanese word for cloth. Nuno felting is said to have been developed by Polly Stirling, a fiber artist from New South Wales, Australia, in 1992. The technique bonds loose fiber, usually wool, into a sheer fabric such as silk gauze, creating a lightweight felt.

Tash Wesp resides and works in the vibrant coastal town of Newport, Oregon. Her work can be found at places such as the Bay Street Gallery in downtown Newport, a popular strip for sight seeing fishermen, visiting art galleries and tasting local fare. 

Tash Wesp's work at the Bay Street Gallery includes eco dyed, Nuno felted, wearable pieces as well as wall art, vases and rugs. Tash is constantly experimenting with color, pattern and shape in her work. 

Tash sources wool from local growers, as well as dyes and processes all of her own goods in her Newport, Oregon studio. This rug was felted using hand dyed, raw wool from Common Treasury Farm, a Pacific Northwest Fibershed producer farm. 


Tash re-uses pattern found fabrics in her work and is constantly experimenting, reinventing and improving her techniques. This seamless, Nuno felted jacket is a wonderful example of Tash's eclectic and adventurous design aesthetic. 

Tash is often asked why she doesn't grow her Felt Fusion business's capacity to produce more goods and her answer is quite simply, she is happy where she is now and loves selling at events such as the Oregon Country Fair. She enjoys building relationships with her customers and clients, as well as creating handmade goods that show impeccable craftsmanship.


These 6 ft Nuno felted benches are on display at the Newport Public Library. Another example of the Newport communities love and support of Tash Wesp's art.

Thank you Tash Wesp for sharing more with us about what you do and for your passion for ecologically and truly locally, handmade goods! For more information on Tash Wesp and her work, please visit Felt Fusion by Tash Wesp.

Posted on September 3, 2015 .