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“Future Fibershed communities will rely upon renewable energy powered mills that will exist in close proximity to where the fibers are grown. We see a nourishing tradition emerging that connects the wearer to the local field where the clothes were grown, building a system that can last for countless generations into the future.”
— Rebecca Burgess / Founder of Fibershed

Pacific Northwest Fibershed, an affiliate of Fibershed, was founded by Shannon Welsh to support and develop regionally grown, regenerative textile systems. Shannon, an apparel and textile professional based in Portland, OR, has a heritage in the family farms of North Dakota, which is much of the inspiration behind her work. She envisions the emergence of a bio-regional textile community, that will support soil-to-soil processes in fiber, textile and garment production, within her native region, the Pacific Northwest. Shannon is also Co-founder of Fibrevolution Bast Fiber Producers, which is bringing bast fiber production back to the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

Pacific Northwest Fibershed's Mission is to build relationships and economic opportunities locally, in a real way. We are a project based community organization that works to revive, connect and support regional textile systems.

What is Pacific Northwest Fibershed's core set of values?

  • Our resource base is within a 300 mile radius of Portland, Oregon

  • All natural fibers and natural dyes used in goods are grown in this region

  • All of the labor to create goods is sourced within this region